Actual thoughts in my head —

“I have a pretty lesbian-friendly dick I would say”

“Ain’t no such fucking thing as a lesbian friendly dick— wait a minute—“

“girl cock is very lesbian friendly—“

“What isn’t lesbian friendly is my voice, my skin, my hair, my everything else”

“My face my sexual interests and my expectations in a relationship”

“Jesus Christ what am I even thinking—“

“I’m totally fucked, aren’t I”

“What the hell kind of wife is gonna want some dickless no ball bastard—“

“Well, at least I finally got that awesome job I wanted…”

“And I got the truck and I can finally spend my evenings playing guitar and watching porn instead of having to hide both of those things from the person in my life”

“God what a nightmare I’ve been living”

“I need to get my thoughts in order before work, god help me and my quirks.”

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