Fuck Bangle/Point Fingers Off A Pony/Trans Or Not


I just wanted to see it as a title.

Fuck Bangle

Like Buck Angel but

Updated, bloated statements and opinions

Like a

Cock ring with no cock in it.

Here’s the deal people would listen to you more

If you were relevant I think

You’d get more attention if your brand was

Fuck Bangle instead buddy lmfao who am I to say–

I’m just some idiot who used to call himself Becky.

Just seems like the TikTokkers would be more into it.

I used to be like

Why are people disrespecting Buck Angel

And then I realized that he just

Won’t stop talking and won’t stop trying to get attention

Just the same as all the other idiots out there complaining, again

Who am I to point fingers off a pony I’m just

Sick of all the completely insane, asinine

Snake-eating-itself antics I see

All over the queer internet. It’s like

Gay men hate other gay men for being

Femme, Lesbians hate other lesbians for being

Butch, Bi’s and Pans are constantly being misunderstood,

Trans people are off tryna live while everyone else becomes

A feminist philosopher and yet at the end of the day

Still no one respects women. I wonder what the problem is?

Is it that Trans Men are Men, and Trans Women are Women, or is it that

Things are more complicated than that, life is full of twists and turns

There are detransitioners just the same as there are trans teen suiciders

No one’s philosophy is complete on it’s own and yet

Every asshole comes with it’s own limited viewpoint.

I just wonder why it is

That trans people can’t be united over things that matter

Individuality aside, alas

Trans or not–

Everyone seems to have an opinion

On how other people should live and die.

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