Fuck This Noise

If you’re still politically homeless after

All this

I don’t know what’s wrong with you

Ain’t no such thing as a

Reasonable person or a

Reasonable party or a

Good reason to edit out

Abortion rights—

Fuck this “politically homeless” noise

The conservative minority that is running

The Republican Party is who did this—

The Supreme Court toppled on its knees

Fisting itself. Fucking nonsense.

I’m out.

One Reply to “Fuck This Noise”

  1. Kim's Creations.ca

    Look I don’t know you, but i feel a certain connection to you for some odd reason. It’s like we understand each other and what it’s like to try to understand the world around us from the point of view that is not what the heterosexual world may call “normal”. I’ve never felt that way myself. Normal. What the fuck is normal? Certainly not me.

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