Fuck (up) The Algorithm

I’ve been having

A crisis of faith

About the podcast and blog, for

The last few weeks. Maybe even

A month or so, now.


I’ve been wondering

What the point

Of trying to talk, is

When all anyone cares about

Is how rich, skinny, white, and liberal aka

“Valuable” their perspective is, to them–

Whoever they are.


If you don’t fit the narrative

Of the

“I’m gonna teach you how to

Think, live, breath, talk, eat, and sleep

Queer culture because

I’m the only one who knows

How to be queer– Sign up for my

Seminar on how to be an



What’s the point of trying, if

That’s what you all want!

You want someone

To talk down to you

To give you limits, boundaries

To tell you what is and isn’t queer

What is and isn’t racist

What is and isn’t liberal

Presumably, so that you can go on

And live your life

Above corrections– just like the ones

You’re running from.


You can’t run away from

Heteronormative corrective ideals

And run screaming in search of

Homonormative corrective ideals–

That’s how you get headaches, or worse

Stop looking for someone

To teach you how to be

A trans ally, a liberal, a person

With social media clout to back them up–

I’m not here to do that.

I’m here

To complain about the clout

And attempt, in everyway I can

To fuck up the algorithm.

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