Fucked Straight Trans Guy

Stuff no one needs

I really get the sense from most people that aren’t queer that

They believe sex is this natural force

That occurs between men and women

That both defies logic and also makes perfect sense.

They believe heterosexual sex is sex and

Everything else is fetish

Perhaps they’re onto something I mean

Literally everyone seems to believe this.

There are things that are the way they are by forces beyond our control


There are things that are the way they are because we control them to be that way.

Perhaps sex and sexual urges and

Any form of sexuality is truly

Heterosexual. Take heterosexuality as

The only form of sex that exists by definition as sex. aka the public perception

Now present gender and identity and multiplicity

Nothing is in conflict

The forces that make me trans are the same that made me gay I am simply

Gods creation. I am simply on a path that

Nature has walked for all of time

I am not unaligned.

I am just as much his plan as Eve and Adam

I am overwhelmed by heterosexual desires

I very much wish that I was able to reproduce

By cream-pie-ing my chosen fruit.

Alas I was born the fruit and not the

Redi-whip despite being full of it—

I’m ready to explode but instead I just have

Angina or some shit. I worry that the therapies that made me happy are

The same that will kill me and I have

So much proof of it. All this shit I have to deal with that is

Impossible is making me feel like Sisyphus and

I’m already tired and ready to quit.

No matter how much I try to understand myself I just seem to be

Angry and senseless. No matter how much I feel like a man

I know I’m not what I’ve always felt I’m not since before I even tried to be what I’m not.

It’s like

Being a straight trans guy is just fucked.

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