Gabby Petito

Gabby Petito is a pretty good lifetime movie

I have to agree with that asshat who said that

It’s a distraction and


Worse things have happened

In the last few hours, I bet.

Arrest Brian Laundrie, but also

Arrest all the other abusers of power

Who go unnoticed in the shadows

Arrest all the hiders

The hiders among us

Who feel they are more entitled

To being alive than the body

Of someone they see as

A burden to them.

Arrest all who say

You give me anxiety

When really

They’re screaming at them

It shouldn’t matter

If you’re a 5”5’ white girl

Who weighs 110lbs—

All of us mean more

Than being lost in the dessert.

Who among us

Is exempt from behaving at times

Like either of them,

I see this

As a warning sign—

Social media

Is a weighted blanket

An illusion of safety

No one can prove,

Killers can hide in plain sight

And victims even blog about it

Right up until they die.

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