Gay Bear Necessity

Sometimes it’s like

My last relationship

Would turn absolutely anyone into a misogynist.

Absolutely anyone.

I dare the next guy to go

Three months without buying

Noise cancelling headphones —

And god help him I hope he only ever wants

What she wants sexually

Because otherwise he’s being selfish.

Why am I cruising for

Bear dick…?

Because it’s the furthest thing I can think of

From my ex’s bullshit.

At least all of my problems will be

New and refreshing.

Sigh, what kind of ground floor standards are these.

After finding plenty of newcomers who

Aren’t that committed to gay life themselves, I feel

Totally fine where I’m at just kind of

Bored, gooches aren’t as juicy as cooches

And cum is disgusting.

I know if I feel this way it’s because

I’m not really gay enough

To be doing these things but

I finish eventually, so

Not complaining. Just wondering

What it means to be

Built the way I am in this

Modern society. I know I am in

Good company. What does this say about

All of us besides the most boring superficial things.

I say this but

The ones that offer intimacy

Scare me more than anything.

I don’t want to be in another relationship

The last one was just lying and manipulating —

What I need is love and support and

I get that from myself

And strangers on the internet

That I ghost immediately after.

Better to be the asshole

Than to be the one hanging out, asking

Where’d everyone go?

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