Gender Dysphoria: Episode out on Itunes/Podbean


Omg I missed ya’ll, Becky here with the low down on gender dysphoria.

It’s like 99% ranting ramblings for this one, but I might bring up a few good points. Also I changed my editing software and the bass sounds waaaay better IMO

Decide for yourself of course.


Here’s the deal though, I barely talk about MtF transitions. I know. I’m really sorry. I just don’t feel that I am the best resource for that? So I focused on FtM’s because I have more FtM friends and have more experience watching them blossom into themselves. Of course gender dysphoria can affect anyone who is moving to any side of the gender street/sidewalk/parking lot/crosswalk/pedestrian bridge.

Turns out, otherness isn’t so “other” after all. Loads of people feel like aliens.

Maybe we are actually aliens…?               I jest.


If so, plz somebody beam me up. The impregnation stuff is so weirdly hot to me.

In the meantime, I’m gonna keep watching all these unbelievably charming and authentic youtubers.


Confession though… I might have feelings for uppercasechase1? I don’t know what to do

Do I message them? Is that too forward? Should I just awkwardly blurt it out in a blog instead? Definitely.

I love the video of them and Ash Hardell talking about nonbinary trans-ness! here


Like omg the laughter is music

Anyway. There are other places to get free binders as well!

Chest Binder Donations

I have seen small LGBTQIA organizations with binder programs, but since I don’t know where you live I won’t list them? Check with your local resource center (if you have one) if you don’t, try Point of Pride!

Trans people seem to have the best shot at overcoming their gender dysphoria (weirdly enough right?) when compared to intersex people who’ve been medically mutilated, and thus offer the best suggestions for how to cope?

Also throwback to when Zeke was outed on Survivor. This moment forever solidified my misanthropy.


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