Gender Gender Gendah

It makes me dysphoric

To insist that I am a cis man.

I am nonbinary, I am transgender

I was born female and I don’t have any fascinating

Chromosomal variations, to my knowledge

The non-binary people of the internet

Are waging war against those they call


Trans medicalists

Trans people who insist they are not

Biologically the sex they transitioned into

People who believe they are both

Transgender, and also not the sex

They desired to be at birth.

The non-binary


Non-dysphoric trans folk of the internet

Have taken this idea as an

All-out war on their identites.

It is quite simply not.

Perhaps it makes me dysphoric

To insist that I was born with a functioning penis!

Perhaps it makes me feel inadequate

To insist that I should be as strong as a cis man!

Perhaps it makes me feel like I’m not really a man

To compare me directly to a cisgender man

These are all facts, based on my experience

It isn’t nonbinary-phobic to acknowledge

Your own individual experience

It does make you a transphobe, however

To throw stones at everyone who makes you feel bad about anything

Oftentimes being trans forces you into realizations

You weren’t expecting.

I didn’t think it would make me feel better

To acknowledge my biological sex, but it did!

I didn’t think it was transphobic

To show pictures of men on their periods

Until another trans man pointed it out to me

As a trans man who never menstruates

I am genuinely confused at the obsession

With dicks and cum and menstruation

Maybe, for once

We could stop talking about gender like it’s parts

And start talking about gender as who you are

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