Gender Is How You Are Perceived

Yes, I see myself as male, and I was

Very frustrated with life as a female

However, the cure

To this problem

Was other people.

Gender is how you are perceived

By other people.

It governs your social interactions,

It governs your job expectations

It governs your finances, it even

Governs who gets the bill at the end of the evening.

Gender is not dead, gender is not irrelevant

Gender is everywhere and everything, gender is

How people treat you

Gender is how people love you

Gender is whether you’re

Loud, arrogant, and self-obsessed, or

Confident, brave, and up-to-the-test

Gender is in your brain, but it is also

In the brain of the audience.

I am always blown away

At the difference between socializing

As him, verses socializing as her.

Anyone who says

That gender doesn’t matter

Is probably telling themselves that

Everyday as a reminder.

Because, sorry, ya’ll–

It fucking does.

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