Gendered Awards Are About Identity— Not “Biology”

Goddamn these amateur truscum and TERF biologists.

As a man who

Used to be an established woman

Who had many prestigious

Gendered, womens awards designed for

The promotion of diversity and

The inclusion of womens perspective I found

100% of those awards to be trifling, almost

Each time I got one I had an internal crisis.

Of course now I understand that

That might’ve been what some call

Dysphoria —

But at the rate that these

Truscum and TERF idiots abuse the term

I’m basically gonna scrap it from my vocabulary.

I was depressed and anxious

Receiving an award

For a gender identity I didn’t have.

When Rachel Levine or

Caitlyn Jenner wins

Woman of the year

Dave Chappelle points out some funny

Joke about it—

All the bandwagoners take it and

Go to Twitter. Goddamn

Buck Angel idiot and his

Ass-sucking high school drop out wanna-be TERF halfassed half baked lunatic goon Maria Fernandez

Go and whine and bitch

About how nobody respect their TERF cunt posts or lives —

It’s probably never even occurred to them

To just shut the fuck up

And do something with your life.

Get an award!!!!



And tell me again

How someone’s biological sex

Matters at all

During a fucking award ceremony.

Awards are NOT about genitalia

Or history

They’re about individuals

Who accomplish something.

Please try this for yourself sometime

I recommend it

It’s much more lucrative than being an

Angry self-exceptional cunt

Waging war with everyone on the internet.

What does Buck Angel represent ?

A brief list:

My name is Buck Angel and I

1. Am trans, so I’m allowed to be transphobic

2. Used to be a woman, so I determine who and isn’t one, as well as

3. Who is and isn’t trans, because

4. I need to keep scarcity low, considering

5. Being trans is my entire identity. If I didn’t have it

6. I’d have to admit that I haven’t actually accomplished anything

7. Except for fucking, bullying, and just general bullshitting.

My favorite Buck Angel quote?

Probably from this article.

“Ugh, don’t get me started,” he told the Village Voice in 2007. “That’s my hugest pet peeve. You want to be a man? Act like a man. Men take care of themselves. Very rarely do they fucking beg for money. Get a fucking job and save your money like a man. Asking for a handout for surgery — it really bothers me. It’s just wrong.”

Buck Angel

How did you earn your money

For top surgery….?

Tell me the exact details

I need itemized receipts folks,

Paystubs, the whole bit. Because

For me…?

I paid for my top surgery

With an award I won

A women’s award


Ain’t that the fucking best.

Hey — Buck Angel

Get a job

Stop bitching

And most of all—

Act like a fucking man

Fucking do something with your life

It’s goddamn sad.

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