Generational Wealth/Smaller, Meaner, More Submissive.

Honestly most of the trans women I’ve met are

1000000000000000x girlier and more feminine and

Clearly more womanly

Than I’ve ever been

So I find these beautiful people validating af

When they have more money than me and

More work experience due to a life as a man

With male privilege— I usually just ask for tips.

It’s fucking dope.

But, sadly

The thing that’s made me by far

The most transphobic

Are my encounters with other trans men

Who fat shame, body shame, compare and compete

Give transition advice and then

Take it personally if you don’t want it

And then ending the meeting with

Some therapy you didn’t ask for—

It’s like

C’mon folks

Why are all these trans men such little bitches with eating disorders

Are they all gay or what like

Where is the group for men

Who love being men more than they

Hate their bodies?

Have we just not generationally succeeded

Infrastructure not wealthy enough

For happy, confident trans men to be

The majority?

Is it just me or are all these trans men

Bottomy bitches who are all competing in some weird

Self loathing competition, all while

Telling me to get over myself

And work harder to be

Smaller, meaner, and more submissive.

— well,

There you go!

Hope you liked it.

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