My experience transitioning has essentially forced me

To become obsessed with genetics.

Before I transitioned– genetics, well,

I thought they were cool.


I think they are everything.

“Cool” is a limited perspective.

Genetics are why my beard is red and my eyes are green.

Genetics are why my shoulder hair

Keeps on growing

So, so long

Rapunzel, Rapunzel–

Why are you trying to climb up over this ass

With rope braided out of my shoulder hair?

Oh right– because it’s there.

Availability and circumstance, married. Anyway–

Genetics are fucking everything!

Genetics are why I look like

My dad’s son even though I used to be

His daughter. Genetics are why

I still have my favorite aunt

Who passed away 40 years too soon’s smile

Genetics are why my mom’s family

Laughs until they fart, and my dad’s family

Sits in complete, strict silence.

Genetics are everywhere, all around us

They’re why the grass is green every year

Instead of purple just for fun.

Genetics are why my ankles hurt

The exact same way as my mom’s, and why

My autos only yield about four ounces.

Genetics are why my girlfriend has anxiety.

Genetics are why some people can’t gain weight, and why

Others can’t lose it.

Genetics are fucking everything folks.

Genetics are how people are able to be transgender, and also

Why they can’t switch all the way.

Genetics are how intersex people are born.

Genetics are why sugar cane juice is sweet, and why

Maple syrup only comes from some trees.

Genetics are fucking amazing

If only people would appreciate the full spectrum of them

Instead of just hazing the starkest individuals like weeds,

Like nature’s bounty is some sort of

Dandelion in their yard they

Rip and spray and torture when they could just

Eat it, because it’s nourishing.

Much like all of life’s diversity.

Alas, invasive species are a real concern

When it comes to plants–

I guess what I’m after is–

I wish people appreciated life’s diversity for the

Vast spectrum that it is, instead of trying to

Police, reform, and confine it into something

Tidy, when it isn’t.

One Reply to “Genetics/Nourishing”

  1. ACountryBoy

    Love this post. Hope you keep writing more about your experience/transition. I love it when people say I look just like my dad. They never said that when I was the “other way.”

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