Getting Older/Interesting

So far the best thing about

Getting older has to be that I already

Forget the names of people I thought I’d never.

So far the worst thing about

Getting older is that I feel exactly the same way

As I did when I was freshly born, just

More war-torn.

Hands down the no. 1 thing I can’t understand

Is why I spend so much time

Reliving moments I wish I’d forgotten

And forgetting things

I wish I still knew.

I guess interest is

All there is to do, just wish I had

Some control over what I was

Passionate about, man–

That would be fucking amazing


Oh well.

Back to throwing my whole self into

Various things that make

No money, have no meaning, but

Must, because factually–

It’s all can remember !

Besides, well, you know–

All the bad stuff.

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