I wrote about it and I

Manifested and I

Put myself in a situation

Time and time again

Despite discomfort and

Obstacle and lack of

Preservation and yet

I made it happen.

At times it truly does feel like

The whole universe conspires

To help me get what I want.

Who wouldn’t get a little bit

Egotistical when all their prayers

Are answered in due time —

Like some sort of saint or a prophet I just

Keep surviving and living to

Tell about it. I want to be close to someone

Who knows all about that.

My new friends at work are all

Incredible and now I have

Someone to dream about.

I pray like a sort of

Lighthouse. A beacon of my own hope

Waiting for the right person to notice.

If not this one, than the next I know

As long as I have a purpose I am not hopeless.

For me, that purpose is wordless

I am speechless in its presence but I will

Write too much, too often

In the hopes of catching a glimpse.

Until then I will just keep beaming

Perhaps distance is ideal when you’re

A moonbeam.

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