Goals For A Socially Acceptable Life

The only recurring theme

In fat shaming, body shaming

Physique shaming and

Assumed-lifestyle shaming

Is that someone with

Severe anxiety about their own body

Wants to share that anxiety with you

To “help you”!

It doesn’t matter to them that

They aren’t helped

They don’t benefit

They are miserable and unhealthy

But for whatever reason

They need to help you become

More miserable and more unhealthy

In the exact way they are !

We all need to strive to be

More like things we aren’t,

Isn’t that the message after all?

Stop being skinny, stop being fat

Stop being gay stop being a faggot

Look at yourself in the mirror

And decide

You aren’t enough as you are

Until you do whatever it is

The other miserable people are doing.

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