Grow Your Perspective/Bounce Rate/Depth

I wish instead of announcing

How “free thinking” you are

People would announce how

They’ve changed their minds.

I wish instead of convincing

The masses that you know

Exactly what you’re doing, it was more common

To admit that you’ve been a fool.

I wish it was more common for people to

Reflect, adapt, change and apologize

I wish it was more common to grow

Your perspective like a garden over time.

Alas it is a fucking

Echo chamber wormhole and

Anyone you don’t like and anyone

You disagree with for a moment

Based on knee jerk assumptions, or

A moment’s principal, you just

Don’t fucking like or follow anymore.

I wish it was more common

To stand up for decency than it is

To stand up for yourself. Alas

Who am I to tell you any of this,

Just the loneliest pushover, feeling

Like anonymity might be overrated but also knowing

Full well that not a soul on earth

Is able to focus on anything other than

Looks, status, wealth, and

Whatever other assumptions they can make

In an instant, based on the information

They get from

One or two moments, on one or two screens.

Why is it that


Matters more than anything else?

It’s fan base, audience building, right?

You’ve gotta know your audience

And sell out

To those people.

Only problem is if you aren’t willing

To bullshit everyone, gaslight

Distract, ADHD internet fight–

Any of it. You’ve gotta be

The kid in junior high that gets kicked out of class

Before you get any respect or attention in this fucking

Global attention span drop, sometimes I think

The lower my bounce rate,

The longer the poem, but the truth is

Anyone who finds me understands

That the bounce rate everywhere else

Is 100%

Ain’t nobody got any depth.

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