Grown Adult “Children” Who Lie Are The Tastiest

Ask Baba Yaga

She’s texting me atm

We are all children

Until we die as old men

Some of us never learn this—

Those people should obviously be eaten

By a witch—

We could import her or

I could go

Full balls-to-the-wall ‘murican

I’d make an Appalachian version

Call her Baby Mama’

Make her eat the souls

Of men who lie to their wives and mothers

Obviously a “lady” dies but

He wasn’t a lady, and she was lying. I’ll figure that part out

With the storytelling somehow but

I’m psyched I’ll certainly

Watch this movie in my head

For the next couple of days, talk about a

Prescreening— too bad I’ll

Talk myself out of actually committing to writing anything

Largely due to all the shit

I’m procrastinating on

That pays my bills

Unlike all these weird violent fantasies.

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