Guessing Game/Tricked Into Listening

I am anonymous

Because I am fat

Not because I am gay, queer, or trans—

I am unafraid of

Homophobic bigots—

I avoid using

My picture

Because I don’t want to miss out

On the majority of folks

Who would never ever listen, tune in

Or read any of my poems

If they already knew I was fat—

I am less interested

In image than I am substance

I am more than just

Flesh on a skeleton

I am so many wonderful

Beautiful things

But the only thing

Anyone sees

Is how much they think you weigh.

It’s like that guessing game

At the carnival


I get to watch

As the sparks fly

When people who have ignored fat issues

Their whole lives

Get to read my

Sad selfloathing pity seeking missiles


All of the vomit

You regurgitate

When you realize you got

Tricked into listening

To a fat person’s bitching.

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