Hair/Growing Fonder

Hair is so gendered.

Ridiculously so people are like

Trying to make it more so somehow

But nature does it naturally

My hair has changed drastically

I mean

At first I was like

“Men go bald because of dht or some shit”

Now I’m like

Ain’t enough nutrients to go around. Lmfao

I kid I kid— but do I mean

My entire body has grown carpeting

Rich dark and costly

I am so well furnished I am

A divine god moving into his own skin

I have never felt happiness the way I do

When I look at my body hair

Every day I grow fonder

Each thread makes me feel safer I am

So tremendously thrilled to be seeing

What I’ve always known was there.

I want the next one to love my hair

In the same ways I do. People have always loved

My long feminine beautiful auburn curls. But

I wanted them to love my chest hair

Now I get to stare every night and

I only have to flirt with people

That are attracted to me as I am I’m no longer

Trapped with someone who thinks I am less than.

I am a man’s man.

I have grown into one.

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