Straight culture is

Hustling and becoming successful and making

Enough money to support your family or

Have one eventually, even if you don’t already.

Even if you’re childless and straight you’re seen as

Selfish and lazy.

Gay culture is

Hustling and becoming successful and making

Enough money to support yourself, and if you’re

Wildly successful, you should either

Hoard the money, or flaunt it. Either way,

Having kids is expensive as fuck also

In corporate america there is no

Queer family ideal there are simply

Single people who ‘focus on their careers’

And family types who have to give it all up

To keep pace with the ones who don’t

Anyway I think

Time is money and I think

Because of that, no one spends time

With their family, even if they have plenty.

If you make a lot of money, you probably

Spend all your time with your job, and if you

Don’t, you’re probably struggling financially

Or just barely getting by. Seems like

Slavery with extra steps if you ask me,

Either work yourself to death or go into debt–

Not much choice for anyone regardless of their sexuality.

Almost makes it seem like being single and childless is

Superior to other things. It’s almost like

All of the points they make about our generation

Being single, childless, property-less, and loaded it debt

Are hitting the nail right on the head, issue is

Whether a hammer is warranted

Last time I checked, if someone has a

Thorn in their side, you take it out, you don’t

Rub it in.

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  1. Kim's Creations.ca

    I’ve been there myself. I came out as bisexual at the age of nineteen. I’ve had people go against me, lie, make up rumors, stories, and silly songs. I have to say that I’m flattered by it however, some things are just a fantasy to most people and they do not know me well enough to be able to tell the truth. My understanding of things is within my own life experience. I’m queer and bisexual. I always have been. I can only say one thing: “Love is love, no matter who you have ever felt it for.”

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