Hats. HATS. !!!

That’s it it might be the

Handful of penis envys I ate but

I am convinced

That the best thing for me to do

Is to start a hat fundraiser.

Hats for trans mascs.

Fuck binders fuck surgery

Fuck everything besides wearing hats honestly

hats hats hats HATS HATS !!!!!!!!!!!

I don’t ask for much I just want

More hats.

A platform perhaps.

A place where trans folks can

Swap hats.

Lmfao I assume

Other trans mascs need

More hats

Also I assume the femmes have

Hats they love as well. I never wore hats

My whole life as a woman. Shit was just

Not normal idk. Now I’m like

Hats are my whole life.

Hats of all sizes, from

xxxs to xxxxlllllllllooooolllll

Biggol hats and smallo hats

Clearly the answer is a new business model

Trade them like fucking

NFT’s or something be like

“Buy this pic of a hat and own it for life”

Goddamn another startup idea I am

Full of it tonight.

Or is it that the world has

Lost it’s mind and everything has

Gone to shite? You know what’ll make you feel better, buddy?

A fucking dope hat–

That’s what.

Works every time.

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