Health Is Wealth

The obesity problem

Is perpetuated by stigma

If you’re in an area with less of it

The stigma is more

So you don’t go anywhere

Or have any friends

Until you move somewhere else or

Get thin.

Europe seems to have

Slightly less of a problem with it, mostly due

To the whole

“Society built before cars” infrastructure. — right?

Or is it something else, too

Like, honestly, abroad—

Cars are super in the fucking way and awkward

Having one is like wtf, you must live

Out in the country

Or have a family

Or just love cars or something

In America— you have a car

Because otherwise you’d have to borrow someone else’s

There’s no way around it.

People be like—

“Americans are fat because they don’t move

And they eat like barn animal idiots“

Meanwhile we are the nation with some of the most

Obsessive fitness fanatics.

We are a diverse land of extremes

And the only thing that connects us

Is money.

If you don’t have money, in America

You cant afford vegetables, or milk, or the doctor.

You cant cook at home between the two jobs you work.

You cant save money

When all of your money is spent on

Emergency medical bills from things like

Normal life growing pains, all the way up to

Cancer you could never hope to pay for.

“Norwegians are good at saving”


If I lived in a country

With free healthcare and salmon

I’d be fucking loaded

With all the money I didn’t have to spend

Taking care of myself to the extent

Me or my family could afford.

Health is wealth —

In America that proverb is literal

Don’t judge someone

For dealing with problems

You’ve never had.

These fucking spoiled ass people

Shaming other countries while they sit on their

Free healthcare

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