Healthy Skepticism

It’s an incredibly

Shareworthy, love-reactey

Romantic and thought-provoking

To say things like

“My transition saved my life”

I think it’s true for a lot of people,

It’s true for me, but

Why did it save my life?

Why did it save yours?

That’s the next question/answer in the sequence.

For me, I say it

Because it made a noticeable difference

In my mental health and self esteem.

It wasn’t always positive and

Progress, isn’t linear. However

I’ve accomplished an insane amount

Since transitioning. Things that have

Absolutely nothing to do with the transition itself, more that

I accomplished things

Despite the hurdles and obstacles that transitioning brought in front of me

Transitioning was/is/continues to be

Extremely difficult, and extremely rewarding.

However, I still have depression, I still have anxiety

I still have all of the health issues I had before I transitioned

And a few new ones. I’m still riddled

With women’s issues and yet

I am living a man’s life with a man’s burden and

A man’s expectations, the way I’ve always been desperately

Desperately trying to. Now I finally do it and

Regardless of what others think I am improving

In my own eyes, in my own self-image.

It’s revolutionary, and yet

Is that all there is…?

My friend, there is never an end.

The world keeps turning, I keep yearning

To say things like

“Transitioning saved my life”

“HRT and surgery saved my life”

I dunno, I find it misleading.

I think it’s too-good marketing.

I wouldn’t ever suggest doing this

To someone else, unless they absolutely had to

In which case, yea boo good for you.

But what I really, really wouldn’t suggest

To anyone, for any reason

Is to think that transitioning

Is euphoric, to suggest that transitioning

Will help you with your body image, or

Will help you with honestly anything

Besides changing your hair, skin, and whatever else

It won’t help you with your body image

Unless you help yourself.

It won’t help you with your mental health

Unless you help yourself.

It won’t help you with your gender dysphoria

Unless you help yourself.

If you’re in an environment that doesn’t support you

Or treat you respectfully, as an equal

Then you need to figure that out, before you

Make yourself even more vulnerable.

Sorry if none of this is what you want to hear, but

Nobody should transition if what they’re really searching for

Is family, community, shelter.

Trans issues are an identity you make for yourself, not

A cult, not something

You can join for a while

To piss your parents off. Alas, many people seem to do this

And get really really mad

If you notice.

Some of these posts, some of these groups, some of these

Echo chambers

Are more like a cult than they’d ever like to admit to themselves.

If you dare voice an opinion, you get

Corrected. If you don’t perform

Gratefulness, if you don’t live

According to the scripture, you are

Rejected. The folks who get rejected

Are either isolated, or for whatever reason

The trans community is ‘blessed’ with rebels

That shoot themselves in the foot while they

Shit in their own beds and kill their own people.

Forgive me for having some

Healthy skepticism about a bunch of strangers

I am grouped with simply out of a shared desire

To change our genitals.


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