Heartbreak and Anxiety

The thing is, before I had my heart broken–I was convinced of a melodramatic, romanticized version of what break ups are.

You get real sad, you eat ice cream and you cry. Maybe the love was unrequited! Maybe she moved away. Maybe they just weren’t meant to be. That’s the gist. I was like, weirdly excited. Definitely not afraid.

Ice cream, rom-coms and time with friends?! I can’t WAIT to get my heartbroken!

Turns out that’s not quite how it goes. Or at least, it wasn’t for me. It was much messier, much lonelier, and had waaaaay more pizza than ice cream. I don’t think I ate ice cream for like, four years after my breakup. Only pizza, and nervously plucked hairs from my face and groin.

You see, my heartbreak made all my existing quirks and “things to work on” 1000000000x worse than they used to be. It made my inner critic feel like they need to start running things full time. It gave that inner critic all the proof it ever needed to totally rip me to shreds, from the inside out.

I wish I had been relaxing on the couch eating ice cream and crying to my friends. The reality was much, much worse than that. It was not romantic or comedic. I’m sure I’m not alone.

K enough I wrote a poem about it


by Becky WTGH

So as I lay here, trying to sleep, unable.

I want you, heartbreakers of the world, to take heed.

You see, I am not a heartbreaker. I am a heartbreakee.

I could never break anybody’s achy breaky

I love everyone so much, I would never be able to leave

Remember, heartbreaker

Have mercy on me

I have anxiety

That means, that when you break me open

Bust up my lock and throw away my key

I’ll have daydreams about pulling out your teeth

whittling statuettes out of your bones

I’ll keep you alive for weeks, months, years,

making you feel the all pain you gave me.

Don’t break someone who’s broken,

You don’t know what I haven’t spoken about

All the tips and tricks my brain points out

Ways to make you scream and shout

So wonderful, heartbreaker

For you to help me see

How much more anxiety

Could be inside me

When you came around, and knocked me down

I bet you didn’t think I would try to kill you

In my dreams


Forever and ever on loop

Ahhh, my nightly meditation

My evening routine

I hear you screaming, pleading

Slow motion, high definition,

All because of my “anxiety”

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