“Hey– I Don’t Actually Pledge for Cults”/Performing a Narrative

“If you can’t afford to purchase a binder”

— some of them are $20. Not saying you

Can afford that, but I am saying that

I have a hard time believing that

Hundreds and thousands of trans men

Seeking resources are truly unable to cop $20.

“If you can’t safely attain a binder”


Is your mailman a transphobe? Oh– you’re talking about

The people inside your abode.

The people–

That are gonna see you wear it

… right?

What could you be talking about…?

Are you talking about

“If you can’t safely wear a binder

Without someone attacking you for your identity

Or belittling your experience or your identity–“



Mailing them a binder in secret for free

Will help avoid all of this?

Wear it in secret, ship it in secret…

Be trans in secret.

Almost an impossibility.

You know what I did

As a pre-op

Closeted trans man? Wore masculine clothing

With regular sports bras–

Regular sports bras

Are fucking amazing.

Whenever I mention

“Just use a sports bra”

It’s like I’m somehow

Being a transphobe… for… for what…?

For not being capitalist?

For not insisting that

A sports bra and a binder are dramatically different?

One of these things hurts and the other

Can if you do it wrong.

If you can’t wear a binder safely

At home–

Don’t fucking ship one there!

Have it shipped to a friend’s house

Wear it there. Keep it there.

Don’t fucking bring that shit home.

Just be butch, or whatever you want–

Minus binding,

Like most of us had to be

Until better days come–

As for insisting

That trans men aren’t really trans

Unless they’re binding and pinching and mashing their flesh–

It’s almost like

Some sort of cult

You have to sign up with

In blood, and if you dare say

“Hey– I actually don’t pledge

For cults”

People kick your “faker” ass out.

You know what I think is fake?

Performing a narrative, and calling out

Anyone and everyone

Who does it differently than you.

Why is it that

We welcome progress in every way, except for

How we manage dysphoria, how our community

Talks about itself, and how we guide

And console the questioning youth

With “resources” intended to “help”

Personally I never found any help, that I didn’t

Come up with myself.

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