Hidden Messages

I wonder if you know what you look like

So oblivious and self-absorbed

Trying your best to seem

Effortless, anticipating

All the wrong things

Huge mistake after huge mistake

All because you couldn’t


Yet here you are

Still pounding away

Not letting up for a second

Not ever once thinking to yourself

“Is this the best way?”

“Is this how to do it?”

You know what they say

If it ain’t broke–

Keep fixing it.

Over and over and over and over again

Trying the same method that

Broke it

Over and over and over and over again

Let’s keep trying the same thing

And expect different results

You can just say I’m the bitch, anyway, right?

Who would put up a fight

Who in their wildest dreams

Would say that you were the one

That didn’t do right by me

I’m afraid

If I compromise

I’ll have no one to blame

But myself, because I know

It’ll be the same exact shit again–

Like the last time.

No fourth tries,


Not sure how many messages

It’ll take for you to get to the

Center of this argument

But none of what you’re saying

Means anything to me

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