Hierarchy Fetishists/Worse Than Incels

One of my most popular podcast episodes is

Female sexuality. I haven’t made

A male sexuality episode, yet, at least–

Because, honestly– The world teaches us

Male sexuality on a regular basis.

All sexuality is considered to be male,

Female sexuality is considered some sort of

Other category, that’s why I had to make an episode

Explaining how fucking ridiculous and absurd it is

To think that men and women have different types of

Sex engines. They fucking don’t, ya’ll– the individual

Has many nuances and identities. Anyway–

I don’t have a male sexuality episode

Because you can just fucking look around

Also– it’s sad, most of it

It’s all power, dominance, control, submission

And all the stuff that is non-conforming, well–

All that stuff gets labeled as feminine

So wouldn’t that go into the… female sexuality category…?

See my problem

Male sexuality can’t be it’s own category because it’s

Redundant. Men already own sexulaity

Men are already at the center of sexuality

Plenty of people believe this so thoroughly

They think the female orgasm doesn’t fucking exist

Or that saying things like

“female orgasm”

Isn’t fucking redundant or at least– way way too specific

Just say orgasm!

Every body has them.


It seems that some gay men

Have concocted a universe to live in

Where someone’s physique

Tells you everything you need to know about them–

Their background, their history, their job, their status

The whole package is actually literally just their body–

Everything they use to determine their idea of one another

Is based off of physical attributes, never anything

Besides that. It’s honestly very, deeply sad

The depth of that ideology is so shallow

If you stepped into it, it wouldn’t even splash!

Or count as a puddle. It would just be like

A damp, concrete floor

Scraping off a bit of skin from everyone that walks through

Breeding nothing but fungus and problems for

Visitors to catch, no matter how often

Or how sparsely they pass through.


In summary

I don’t want to make an episode on

Male sexuality, or the hierarchy

It makes me sad to know that people like this

Exist, such a shallow empty meaningless existence.

I never thought that I would see the kind of

Culty brainwash I’ve seen in the

Online gay community, but on a serious note–

These people are so lonely, and so disconnected from reality

They are worse than the incels, and sound

An awful lot like them, hating women just the same,

To make matters worse, they

Seem to have no interest in changing.

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