High Risk Patients, High Risk Care, Low Care Outcome

There are loads of risks associated with bariatric surgery.

Loads of them.

My uncle had a lap band and

Had to have it removed because he

Couldn’t stop vomiting, even without

Eating anything. All he did want to eat

Was little cookies and m and m’s—

It punished the glutton— but it didn’t

Fix the cause, at least for him.

He later had his stomach stapled

And it caused him to have chronic gastritis

And vomit all day long

He couldn’t have this one reversed, however

So he is mostly immobile

Wears his cpap round the clock, during the daytime

To help him breathe while he sits

Unable to eat, also totally unable to lose weight

I believe he has misdiagnosed lipedema

Anyway, people who don’t know any fat people —

People who only know that one friend—

They think does that one thing

And if they could only stop it

They’d be thin and pretty—

People —

You have no idea.

You have no idea what you’re talking about

You don’t know anyone like my uncle

You don’t know his experiences

And you don’t know what he should or shouldn’t be doing

All the people who were convinced they did

Just fucked things up more than they were before

Maybe fat people need to change, or maybe

The medical system needs to first.

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