HIV Is Nobody’s Fault

Jonathan Van Ness was forcefully outed

By some nurse sworn to do her job

But honestly, now they have come out and

The world is better for it.

I am frustrated with all the

Finger pointing and the

Blame-gaming, I wonder if

Anyone understands that

Even when someone lives a

“lifestyle” that you wouldn’t–

It still isn’t their fault that they got sick!

There are loads of different ways to contract it, and

Even still…

It isn’t their sole responsibility to handle it!

If you agree to be a member of society,

Everyone’s sickness is your problem,

Whether you have to fake interest the whole time

Or not!

It doesn’t matter if it’s

Trump dying of colon cancer with a

Mconalds wrapper stuck in his buttcrack

He is a human being that deserves

Understanding–not shame, blame and

Captain Obvious-ing.

Hey man, I fucking hate Trump–

I also fucking hate McDonalds!!

But getting sick and

Coping with shit is very difficult,

No matter how much assistance you get.

So I suppose all I have to say is–

My heart goes out to Jonathan,

Who, at the end of the day–

Is one of 1.1 million people in the US

Who have to deal with this,

No matter who’s fault it is.





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