For me

Is a celebration of gender

A love letter to

Beards, boobs, brawn

Soft, sweet and switchy

A love affair with all of what makes

Humans squirmy and itching to

Talk, meet, love.

I’ve always wondered why

I had to be either, or

And now I know I don’t.

I can be both, I can be nothing

I can be my own thing, myself

A self I hadn’t considered much

Without the expectations that come with her

Non-binary is how I reclaim

Who I am, who I want, and

Who I was all along. I identify

As all the parts of myself I can’t make peace with

As well as all the parts I love.

I am not exclusively anything —

Good, bad, smart, dumb, him, her, together or alone—

I feel more than one soul can take,

With this ideology

I have made myself a home

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