How Is This Different From Church

Things the Queer Community Preaches But Is Hypocritical about:

Body image

Class mobility







Addiction of all kinds.


If you are a

Rich, thin, white “healthy” boy

With an appetite for cocaine and fat shaming

You’ve got absolutely

None of the same problems as me.

Why do I always feel like I’m

Sitting in church

Being a pupil to a crowd

That feels it necessary to tell me

I have the power to love myself

When nobody else

Practices what they preach, when nobody

Accepts anyone for who they are

When no one cares about health

Or addiction

In its many forms?

What about addiction to contempt,

Addiction to porn, addiction to shame

Addiction to feeling in control

Addiction to putting off your problems

Onto someone you deem “less than”

Why is it always the people

With the least self respect

Telling me I don’t have any

Because I’m not a rich, cultish

Brainwashed cocaine faggot?

Why isn’t it more popular

To hate people like Dan Savage?

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