How To Be A Trans Man That People Like



I’m Elon–

I’m a trans guy people like

I was always tall, thin and skinny

I’ve been a vegetarian my whole life–

I LOVE being on testosterone…!

Can’t get enough of the stuff,

No side effects to speak of!


I actually had top surgery

A month ago– and

I’m already healed and feeling fine.

I don’t really see what the big deal is, I mean

It’s not like I needed tits to survive.

The fact that I can’t feel half my chest

Is just a reminder that I’m

Stronger than I ever thought possible–

I’m a survivor! But– you know

Not the cancer kind.

Black Lives Matter!

Just in case you needed reminding


I know that there are people

Who struggle with their identity–

I remember what it was like

Being so, so tiny–

Don’t worry dudes!

Trader Joes mochi fixes most things.


I’m not fat, but I’m trying to

Lean down, you know–

Put on muscle and gain weight, but

Not the bad kind. I still want

To look like the man

I am inside


Anyone who complains

About anything other than

Misgendering me for being so

Young, thin and beautiful

Must be some sort of

Victim baby, but hey man–

Contempt isn’t cool


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