How To Lose 10 Pounds In 14 Days

10 Pounds In 14 Days Is Water Weight

No exceptions.

Not sure who needs to see this

I would hope it’s common knowledge

If you dehydrate yourself

It’s the fastest way to

Weigh less— just ask

Fucking anyone. If you lost

10 pounds in 14 days you needed to have

A caloric deficit of

-2500 calories, at least, every single day.

That means

You can’t eat at all, AND

You have to exercise enough

To burn whatever is leftover

After your basal metabolic rate—

Which is different for everyone, but for me

It would be at least 700-800 calories I would have to burn or more

Every single day, in addition

To not consuming a thing

For two weeks.

As long as you don’t break your ankles or

Get sore, get inflamed, or

Drink anything—

You should be 10 pounds lighter

In 14 days

of course

You’d have to be using good ol’

Tried and true logic

Of insisting that it’s simply

Calories in, calories out

Nothing else to it

Simple, easy, beautiful

If you need help— just buy this

Magic, detoxifying supplement

That really, in essence

Just dries you tf out.

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