HRT Is Still New. Puberty Blockers Are Newer.

Medicines are medicines, folks

Puberty blockers are not a concept, not

An ideology, they aren’t

A series of therapies–

Puberty blockers

Are a certain type of medicine

Medicine is– well

Medicine! It’s flawed.

Tests can be inconclusive —

Bloodwork can be wrong.

The pressure that some people put on

Transgender healthcare is pretty unbelievable.

There aren’t enough doctors with

Not enough specialization, and

Far too many patients that need help.

The wait lists for the clinics in some countries

Are unreal.

Here in Louisville all of the trans doctors

Are severely overworked.

Anyway, I digress–

Healthcare is flawed, this issue is not unique

To trans people, or trans kids.

I find the republican bills alarming, but

I also can’t help but wonder

If the incredible rise in double mastectomies

In young afab people

Who identify as trans or non-binary

Scares me, honestly.

Also I don’t always get the sense

That people understand

That we don’t know the long term effects of hormones

We are still in the trans stoneage–

Don’t take it personal.

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