HRT/Transitioning/Expectations/Makeup Tutorial Hobby

The odds are quite slim

That hrt

Will turn everyone and anyone

Into a hot, desirable

As-planned version

Of how they saw themselves

Before they start hrt.



Is my main beef with the microodosing

You can’t control the effects of hormones

No matter what the dose

You can’t pick and choose

How your transition goes

You just get to walk

In the direction you choose.

You can change course

Anytime you’d like to—

Funny thing about this stuff is

Nobody gives a fuck if you quit lmfao

Ayyyyy but seriously

The effects are not temporary

I wish people would stop

Talking about transitioning

As if it were some kind of

Make-up tutorial hobby

If you take titty pills

And grow tits—

You have to live with it, or have surgery.

If you take t

And lose all your hair

You have to live with it

Whether or not you ever got

The bottom growth you expected 🤣

Lmao. Can’t you tell ?!

I’m dickless, hairless, and

More of a troll than ever

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