HRTea/Another Kind of Episode

Cis people don’t know much about HRT

They all take it the most– ironically–

But they don’t think about it as the same thing

They think their birth control and menopause medication

And “late in life testosterone boosters” are necessary

They don’t see it as modern medical intervention

The way they see the exact same prescriptions

When applied to trans people.

Literally they came up with a way to safely and routinely

Synthesize the hormone medication

And trans people were like

“Hey– we want in on this

But we want the other prescriptions,

You know, the one for the side

I actually want to live as”

And cis people are literally like


“I asked God and he doesn’t think so”

Fast-forward a few decades of social pressure later

And now we have people

Ordering black market hormones off of their cellphones

Self-administering and playing around with

Their gender expression, and

Instead of acknowledging the evidence

That the whole therapy was built around

They say–

“You’re being transphobic–

I just want a tinge of testosterone

I don’t know what will happen, I don’t know

Where this will take me, but I know

That you’re being a transphobe

For denying me therapy”

I’m sorry but like literally

Why is it that you know

Exactly what you’re doing

And nobody else does?

Where do you think those hormones even come from–

A transgender lab run by trans people who all respect your pronouns…?

Just listen to the people

Who’ve been on this stuff the longest

About the realities of the medications

And their effects–

Would you still want to be microdosing

If you knew about vaginal atrophy

And the trans-vaginal ultrasound you’ll have

Right around the time you stop messing around

With the hormones you take

To modify your body to match your expression?

I guess my anger comes from the fact that

I have no control over my gender expression,

And I’m kinda sick of you insisting

That you do, it kinda makes me feel pressured

To feel like I have control over mine somehow

Even though I know that I don’t and I never fucking did.

If I had control over my gender expression–

I would’ve just fucking concentrated hard enough

And magically grown a dick.

But I should apologize, I’ve clearly

Offended everyone and anyone

Who is insecure about their microdosing

Guess who’s not going to lose any sleep?

This motherfucker, right here. Me.

I think it’s hilarious to think

That you’re somehow

More knowledgeable about hormones

Than an experienced endocrinologist

Who strongly advises against it.

Even my new endo, who refuses to police

Anyone’s gender, gives you full warnings

All the info, and all the testimony you would need

To understand that when you microdose

For long enough, you end up just looking like a

Pre-teen forever. If that’s your goal, then well–

That’s another kind of episode…

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