I got rid of my tits because of how they felt

Not because of how they looked.

I’ve always had intensely sensitive breasts

Intensely sensitive nipples

Now I have a broad muscular chest

Numb to much of the world’s touch

I think my sensation will come back bit by bit eventually however

Facts are facts— I no longer have nipples.

I no longer have those nerves.

I no longer have the tissue and

I no longer feel

Like she did. She used to come

Just from nipple play and

I decided to get rid of that

Mostly because

It felt wrong

Each time. All the time. Day and night.

Felt fucking wrong from the inside

What was on the outside

Is inconsequential

I am not bragging about the way

My chest looks I am astounded

That such a fat motherfucker looks

This amazing. And feels

So numb.

This hypersensitivity my whole life

Revolved around is now gone.

Now I have nothing

But my mind, to drive me nuts.

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