I Am Available

Never in my life would I have dreamed that I would be hit so hard and so frequently

With love most people dream of. I have been the recipient of tender freedoms

What a privilege it is to be heartbroken to have loved and to have lost I am

Abundant with gifts and I want to find

The right person to grow them with. Someone who will help me

Set up shop and start a business. Someone who is worth it. Someone who instead of being jealous gets

Joyous. Someone who sees my body and

Adores it. Someone who says

“Say it again, I love to hear your voice”

Someone who does half the chores

Someone who loses sleep when I’m sick and

Let’s me take care of them, cherish them.

Someone who will be my champion as I am theirs someone who

Makes me think of Heaven eternal.

I am ready for that person and in the meantime


I am available.

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