I Am NOT A Liberal/White Devils

The time has come

For me to acknowledge

A fundamental truth about myself–

I am not a liberal.

I’ve tried so hard

To blend in

With all you self-righteous judgmental

Anxious paranoid fatphobic vegans

Who claim to be anti-racist

But are totally unable and unwilling

To respect people with bodies that look

Different than theirs. I don’t want to be associated

With these white devils

These two faced liars

These trickster demons

The people who frame a picture of

Black Lives Matter while simultaneously

Kicking the black kids out of class for whispering

The teachers who claim that they are

Social justice warriors when

The only people they are willing to fight

Are people they deem less-than–them

Not sure what kind of social justice campaign that is…

Anyway, I am not a liberal

I am not a conservative

I am not a man, woman, or a child of this earth

I am just a visitor here

For 80 or so years

I’m down to talk

If you need a fresh set of ears, however

I will not sit there

And let you insult my intellect, my body

My choices or my beliefs

All because of some shit

You read on your phone last week

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