I Am Such A Dick/Name

I met this truly wonderful trans person

And after we were done talking

I asked her what her name was—

And she said

A guy’s name, with the tone

Of a dying dream.

I just —

I was a dick

I said

“… is that really your name?”

I say this

Because I lived it —

I used to mumble my name

I used to feel

A twinge of frustration

Each time I heard it said.

And, truthfully—

I didn’t notice

Until it changed

and stopped happening.

Now I’m like —

Whoa, whoa…

Is that really your name?

Or is it simply

The word you respond to

When someone says hey

She, they, he

Didn’t seem too interested

In going into detail

So basically

I put my foot in my mouth

Because I’m a dick and an asshole

Ahhh yes don’t forget

The part where I told them

I write poems about fisting

That get less attention

Than my poems about being

Body neutral.

A concept which she

Was not that into

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