I Assume He’s The Breeder…?/“Real Men” LMFAO/More Cum Less Meth

Okay I’ll admit it

I had a bit of a fit, again

About the goddamn fetishes

Some people come up with

That dehumanize people

On purpose because their

Dicks like it

For the record I don’t like

When people talk about women like this

I don’t like

When anyone talks about anyone like this !!

Why the fuck

Would anyone be okay

With this kind of treatment

And somehow insist

It’s a healthy, normal, natural pattern?

I saw some “alpha”

Riddled with steroids and major depression

In the form of too tight pants, and a slave faggot

Walking his pack of

Pure bred huskies

I assume he is a breeder

Oh I don’t mean just the dogs—

And he breeds the fag too

It’s all a pyramid

Except he’s at the top

And he forms the base of it

Narcissistic delusion a philosophy of

Who is and isn’t a man

Based on size, mannerisms, and sexual preference

It’s fascist nazi shit

With an LGBT twist and

I fucking hate it.

Seeing it in person made me

Tweak out. Speaking of which

I was perusing this—

“The faggot Bible”

And it had this hilarious, hysterical

“Don’t do more meth than cum,

Don’t let drugs get in the way

Of your King Cock God”


I can’t I can’t I am literally


“Don’t do so much meth —

You’re supposed to be cum chugging”

Maybe Nancy Reagan wrote a book

With a pseudonym —

Lmfao oh man, I fucking love my own jokes

I’d buy into this shit if there was a chapter

Explaining why real men

Only laugh at their own material.

Oh also the part about how

700lb women and trannies

Still get cock

Just about made me drop my popcorn—

How low does someone have to see

Themselves in the world

Before they give up

And just start masturbating on the floor…?

Is the lowest you can go

A fat female?



God I hope this book was translated

From some culture very different than mine

But I feel like I practically know the guy.

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