I Broke My Own Standards/TRWFGM/I’m All Ears

Ugh I feel like

I’ve been hanging around

All the wrong kinds of gay men, and

That’s why I have so many mean poems about them.

I don’t think it’s fair, for me to be like

“All of ya’ll suck”, when I haven’t met

All of you yet. It’s just–

As a man, with a very unique perspective

I have very high standards when it comes

To treating others respectfully.

Which leads me to realize–

I broke my own standards.


Other people have routinely hurt me.

I’ve been mocked and tortured and

Denied goods and services by

Literally only one kind of person–

Thin, rich, white, fatphobic gay men,

And their fag hag friends.

Those are the only people who’ve caused me

Serious problems.

I swear to god– I am more welcome

At a Baptist church

Than I am a fucking gay bar.

I am more respected

At an anti-abortion fundraiser

Than I am walking around at pride.

These are not exaggerations in the slightest.

You can call me a bully all you want–

But I know what I’ve been through

And thin, rich, white fatphobic gay men

Are more like the devil than

Anyone is willing to admit.

That being said–

I am open to meeting anyone queer

Who is able to respect bodies that look

Different than theirs.

If you find anyone like that–

I’m all ears.

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