I Can’t Imagine Being Jealous Of Women/Some Parts Of Testosterone

But I can see why someone might romanticize it.

Lately— I’ve had to come to terms with the fact

That I do not understand gay men or gay culture

Whatsoever. I also, subsequently—

Don’t really understand the roots from which

Many, (not all!) but many— trans women come from.

I used to be a lesbian and now I’m a happy man and

I can’t help but see why some of the attributes

Might be seen as negatives

To people who don’t ask for them. For example—

Body hair. In all sorts of places

Oily skin, smelly everything

Greasy and balding and horny and

Aimlessly stimulating something just for the sake

Of doing something.

I get it, the muscles and stuff—

You might come to believe that

A six pack, big dick and a rude opinion

Is what makes a man a man

But honestly all I see and hear

Are sad self loathing asshats

Who are jealous of soft, sensitive women

Often to the point of violence and discrimination

So they do whatever they can

To express that, and to perform difference

Between the gays and the Becky’s and the Karen’s.

Oh sure— we’re all friends here

Until you hang around and pay attention—

Or god forbid anyone call one of these men

A woman!!!

Maybe gay men have body image issues

Because of the apps and the culture

Or maybe some of them have body image issues

Because they wish they were cunts and they know it.

If I ever wanted to feel small

In my life

I might’ve understood it before now

But it wasn’t until I got ringworm on my scalp

That I realized some parts of testosterone

Are disgusting as hell.

I guess if you were born

A tiny forest faerie

In a big tall man’s frame

You might never quite feel

Like you fit in.

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