I Did What I Was Told

I did what I was told,

and I was glad to do it.

What I wish I had known, before

was that no one else was with me.

I could’ve been a king,

living my life, being my dream.

Instead, I was a weakling.

Fucking every which way, being

distant, rude, obscene.

I did what I was told,

and I was very proud to do it.

I loved accomplishing goals,

pursuing pursuits, and

“getting to it”.

What I wish I had known, sooner

was that I was an enormous loser.

The tasks they’ve taught me

Are for a monkey.

I am a fighter, this is what I do.

I lunge at shit, in my little cage

they laugh, take bets.

What a life, I should’ve quit.

Time to go full gorilla

And smash myself to bits.


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