I Don’t Know…!?

It’s way less sexy to get top surgery

And not crowd fund for it.

It’s way less sexy to have a transgender resource

That suggests you to get a job with better insurance. Or wait —

Until your finances are better.

It’s way less sexy to be a queer podcast

Who tells you not to do drugs

And suggests that you might not need

To change anything about yourself at all,

Besides your unachievable goals.

It’s way more sexy to be some sort of

Instagram star

With selfies and mantras

Who says whatever you need

To feel comfortable (VALID!!!!)

It’s way easier to understand fat people

As people who are worse than you at

Health and fitness. Because the truth

Is hard to accept. Subtleties and exceptions

Abound. You might be better off

Accepting that you don’t know yet—

Something that seems


In the pick your tribe times.

Maybe it’s best to make a home

Impenetrable, in your mind

Where no one else is allowed to go—

Maybe in the publishing age

All these comments and feedbacks

Are more like gnats than they are

Peanuts. I think if I was born

Before these times

I would’ve died and then become


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