I Don’t Think It’s Transphobic To Acknowledge Certain Truths/I Used To Be Afraid Of Microwaves

Where we are right now

With gender and sex

Reassignment procedures, opportunities

Treatments available —

It is not possible

For either sex

To transition into becoming

Sexually fertile in the other gender’s way.

I, personally,

Feel a nonstop sense of existential dread

About this fact, as I did

Long, long before I transitioned.

Transitioning– has–

In some ways

Made these things harder to deal with.

In other ways it has helped me enjoy who I am

And express myself fully

But as someone

Who spent a few years of his life

Anxiously avoiding microwaves–

I understand that there are some things

That people do and do not do

For various reasons they read about

On the internet

That are completely anti-science.

I worry, as a trans person

And as someone who is trying to be taken

Seriously in the world

That being transgender

Will permanently label me

As a triggered, sensitive lily-pad idiot.

Identifying as nonbinary is where I got the worst of it–

That kinda motivates you, honestly, to push it further the other direction

Before you know it you’re up shits creek with no paddle

And all the time I know

That I am never going to be fertile

In the way that I wish I was!

Again, not a trans-exclusive phenomenon, but

And honestly I am completely fertile

Just not in the way I want to be.

This, supposedly

Should be enough reason

In bigoted minds

To not transition at all.

It kinda presents a tricky predicament

For trans people

Because, well–

Damned if you do, damned if you don’t.

My concern

As a transgender resource, as a

Domain-purchaser lmfao

I find it really dangerous and suspect

To tell gender-questioners

That they can just become

The other sex, with no obstacles

Besides surgery recovery weeks and

Fallen-off nipples.

I think it’s a bad idea to advertise

Literal gender euphoria

It’s fucking ridiculous

I think people who are trans

Have a responsibility to be honest

About their circumstance

When it matters.

I want to be able to talk about

Gender and sex

While acknowledging the very real differences

Between the sides of the fence. You can’t

Cross without scraping something, and

You can’t be born again.

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