I Don’t Understand Why Art Has To Be A Business

I don’t really understand why

But I just don’t like any of this stuff

The way other people seem to.

I don’t come here for attention, I come here

For expression. That’s about it.

Everyone else is asking for money and tips

I need those things but I am

Sick to my stomach thinking about

Demanding money from people

On the premise of my identity.

I am not for sale, and I don’t have a product

To push to you. I am just a person

Writing, talking, and playing music.

I don’t know why you all need it

To be capitalist

In order to respect it, and I also don’t understand

Why you all keep selling your identities

As if that on it’s own is a product

I need something else, a perspective

Something that makes me feel connected

To the art that you created

Something besides your desire

To be famous. I do all of this

Because if I didn’t

It would bleed out of me into my personal life

The way all pent up anger and feelings

Eventually flow into suppressed places in your mind

I don’t understand why art

Has to be a business

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