I drank a lot and now my ass is numb


The left cheek, lower left part close to my thigh. Near the crack, but not on it. Totally numb.

Been this way for almost two days.

I really, honestly do not drink very much. I don’t really drink at all! I think this might be part of the problem.

You see, I have a wide variety of health conditions that make drinking a worse idea than it usually is. Drinking is almost always a bad idea. It is a terrible idea for me.

I know this already. Did it anyway. Worth it? Eh.

Here I am. Sunday night, poking my lower left cheek, googling “alcoholic neropathy” and drinking extra water.

TWO FULL DAYS AGO: Downed half a bottle of bourbon with one 12oz coke. Played trumpet and swang my hips and laughed harder than I have in a while.

It was worth it, but how will this affect all the spanking?

If a spanker spanks the lower left cheek and the cheek is numb, did they even spank at all?

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