I Enjoy Being Wrong

It’s incredibly bizarre and

I can’t explain it but

Right after I wrote all those

Fag-hating poems–

My voice dropped a bit, and my

Chest hair peeps through

The top of my shirt–


Gay men are

All over the place, helping me out

Welcoming me, complimenting me

On various little nonsense things–

WTF man I swear to god–

When ya’ll thought I was just

Some fat lesbian

You were so rude, mean, and small…!!!!

Now, I’m either some sort of

New pornhub category, or maybe

It isn’t even that depressing–

Maybe they just like the sound of a man

Who is comfortable in his own skin,

Who loves testosterone as much as him!

I dunno, but often–

I enjoy being wrong

About many things.

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